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Unlock God Mode

Unlock God Mode is a unique 30-day experience that teaches you practical reality creation tools to help you tap into a total state of alignment and create your ideal life.Get the first 6 lessons for free:

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I am so grateful that I was led to your course, it is the most successful course I experienced within 30 years of personal growth.— Iris

The most incredible succinct and easy to follow manifestation advice I've heard in years - it actually got me giddy and laughing out loud in excitement about what's to come.— Brent

Hi James,I just started my day with your lesson #15 on Knowing - thank you so much for your excellent course. I am honestly blown away each time I listen to you. You have an unique talent to teach with so much clarity and calmness. I really love your course - that's why I take it more slowly to integrate your lessons.Thanks again and have a great day!— Susan

Hi James,I just want to Thank You, for your amazing course!I only wanted to check out the free version because something in me was curious and within your first audio I new "this is exactly what I need right now".You have a great gift in speaking with so much clarity and from a place of knowingness - which gives my a lot of calmness and also inspires me to "do" the steps.Thank you for your creation! I loved purchasing the full course and already enjoy studying with you.Have a wonderful Friday and Thank you!

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Thank you for choosing to go on an adventure with me.Begin by listening to lesson #1 on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.To get access to the full course, click here